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San Antonio Aetna Dental Insurance Coverage

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The New Image Dentistry team is here to help whenever patients need us, and we do our utmost to provide San Antonio dental patients with affordable dentistry services. One way that we help to offset the cost of necessary dental care is by processing and filing insurance claims to help minimize out of pocket treatment costs. We are happy to submit claims forms for any PPO insurance plans, and our team also provides in-network insurance coverage for a number of PPO benefit plans, including Aetna dental policies. When you call to schedule an appointment with us, please let one of our representatives know if you have insurance coverage through Aetna or any other dental care plan. We will work with you from your very first appointment to make the most of your coverage and minimize out of pocket treatment costs. Our knowledgeable team is happy to help you with questions about your insurance policy, so please don’t hesitate to contact us or ask about insurance while you’re visiting us in the office. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll be happy to work with you to find the solution.

Covered Dental Services

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Every insurance plan is different, and before we can offer an accurate estimate for your out of pocket costs, we’ll need to review your specific Aetna policy. However, most patients receive the highest percentage of coverage (between 80 and 100%) for preventive dental care like checkups and teeth cleanings. Restorative services receive 50 to 80% coverage, and other treatments when elected receive 20 to 70% coverage.

Maximizing Your Insurance Benefits

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Because Aetna insurance plans as well as benefits from other providers usually emphasize prevention, the easiest way to maximize benefits is to visit us for regular preventive care. These checkups give us the opportunity to partner with you to prevent the need for more advanced oral health concerns that have higher costs and lower insurance coverage. When we’re unable to prevent the oral health issues, these visits give us the chance to diagnose conditions in the earliest stages to provide the most conservative treatment options.

In-Network VS Out of Network Care

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PPO dental insurance policies typically allow patients to visit any dentistry practice whether or not they are in-network and still receive coverage. However, PPO plans do set limitations on the maximum treatment prices they offer coverage for. As an example, if your Aetna plan marks $100 as the fair price for a specific treatment, and they cover 80% of the cost of this service, you will pay $20 out of pocket. An in-network dentist agrees to charge $100 or less for that service in keeping with the insurer’s fair pricing. Out of network dentists may charge higher fees, say $105. Your insurer would still only cover 80% of the $100, so you would end up paying $25 instead of $20. In most cases, the differences in pricing are low, but when you visit an in-network dental office, you won’t have to worry about these added fees.