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All-on-4 Dentures in San Antonio

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If you’ve experienced advanced tooth loss, the planning process to replace your missing teeth can be overwhelming, but the New Image Dentistry team is here to help you make tooth replacement pain and stress free. Our San Antonio dentist offers a number of tooth replacement options, including removable dentures and implant retained dentures. We can also use the innovative All-on-4 implant denture technique. This unique implant supported denture method is completely self-supporting, and it utilizes the naturally denser portions of the jawbone, allowing more patients than ever before to restore their smile with implant dentures. If you want to learn more, call to schedule your tooth replacement consultation in our San Antonio dental office. We’ll examine your smile and help you to plan for comprehensive smile restoration.

What are All-on-4 Dentures?

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Most implant dentures can be anchored with just four to six dental implants, but the implant posts are spread evenly along the gum line. All-on-4 uses the naturally denser portions of the jawbone in the front of the mouth to provide optimal support and stability for a full denture without needing preparatory tissue grafts.

How Does All-on-4 Work?

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Like other implant tooth replacement plans, we’ll need to complete your All-on-4 denture treatment over several phases. The first phase of treatment is the removal of any damaged teeth. Then, we’ll surgically place the implants. Two will be positioned vertically into the front of the jaw. Then, two are implanted diagonally from the back of the mouth into the front of the jaw. Once in place, these implants will support the whole denture. Following implant placement, we can usually provide a temporary denture that will be replaced with a permanent prosthetic once the implants have fused with the supportive bone and gum tissue. This process can take several months. Once implants are firmly in place, you’ll return to the office, so we can attach your flawless, custom denture.

Should I Consider All-on-4 Dentures?

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In order to be a candidate for All-on-4 dentures, you should meet all of the following qualifications:

  • Fully edentulous (without teeth)
  • Relatively good oral health
  • Basically good overall health and/or approval from your physician to receive treatment
  • No past negative experiences with surgical treatment or anesthesia
  • Have the time and resources necessary to commit to completing the process

How Long do All-on-4 Dentures Last?

Your All-on-4 dentures have a 90% success rate after two decades. That’s twice as long as the longest lasting traditional denture. Proper dental care is the key to keeping your All-on-4 denture in place and functioning for twenty, thirty, forty years, or your whole life. At home, you’ll need to continue to brush and floss your teeth. You’ll also need to visit our San Antonio dental office at least two times each year for dental exams and cleanings. At these appointments, we’ll be able to recommend improvements to your daily oral hygiene routine and help you to keep your All-on-4 denture flawlessly functioning for years to come.