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Invisalign clear braces in the 78216 area boost oral health and self-confidence for older teens and adults

August 24, 2015

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Adults and teens enjoy invisible orthodontics with 78216 Invisalign clear aligners. Provided by Dr. Christopher Holland, top San Antonio dentist, Invisalign corrects misaligned, crowded teeth without the discomfort and poor aesthetics of bracket and wire braces.

The American Dental Association maintains that straight smiles look better, boosting self-image and confidence in patients of all ages and lifestyles. But did you know that this professional group also says that well-aligned teeth function better, positively impact health and last longer?

Customized aligners move teeth into better positions

Invisalign clear aligners from New Image dentistry in San Antonio achieve outstanding aesthetics and eliminate the poor bites and spacing issues common to teens and adults. These innovative orthodontic appliances resemble teeth whitening trays but are so thin and clear that it’s practically impossible to detect someone is wearing them.

Doctors Christopher J. Holland and Chrysalis Heinkel of NewImageDentistryoffer Invisalign to qualified patients who want to improve their smiles but dislike the time, discomfort and appearance of metal bracket and wire braces. The dentists assess patients with x-rays and other modern imaging to create a 3-dimensional dental model. From there, the Invisalign lab makes a series of appliances–20 to 30 pair in all– to fit tightly over the teeth. The aligners gently and gradually move teeth into healthier positions.

Invisalign benefits oral health and self-image

Because Invisalign braces are removable, patients brush, floss and eat normally. They can even take the aligners out for special occasions, job interviews, graduations and other photo ops. In fact, people who never considered metal braces enjoy Invisalign because their treatment goes unnoticed by the people around them at school and work.  However, in just 12 to 18 months, they have a straight, healthy smile.

Straight smiles also last longer as teeth are less prone to decay, gum disease, jaw and gum recession,  uneven enamel wear and the physical problems resulting from poor bite and misalignments. Crooked teeth often produce TMJ dysfunction, headaches and other issues.

 Invisalign can treat all but the most complex orthodontic cases. Correctable problems include:

l  tooth rotation, gaps and spacing issues

l  crossbite

l  overbite

l  openbite

l  underbite

The newest aligners even accommodate elastics used for more severe bite issues.

Invisalign treatment is uncomplicated

Patients change their aligners every 2 weeks or according to Dr. Holland’s treatment plan. Progress check-ups are quick because there are no complicated wires to adjust. When treatment is done, patients usually wear retainers to keep teeth in healthy positions.

Could 78216 Invisalign treatment be right for you?

Why not find out? Why not enjoy the self-confidence and health benefits of a beautifully aligned smile?

Contact New Image Dentistry. Dr. Holland is an Invisalign preferred provider. He’ll answer all your questions aboutorthodontictreatmentwithInvisalign.

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