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5 top reasons to see your San Antonio dentist

July 19, 2016

Your San Antonio dentist at New Image Dentistry stresses preventive care. Learn 5 top reasons why seeing the dentist regularly keeps smiles strong.Preventive dentistry keeps smiles happy, healthy and bright. Cleanings, check-ups, sealants, oral cancer screenings and other modern  services from your expert San Antonio dentists, Dr. Christopher J. Holland and Dr. Chrysalis Heinkel, are part of wide ranging care that address the most important reasons for seeing a dentist.

Reason #1: You have a toothache. Pain indicates an oral health problem. Deep decay, abscess, fracture, failing restorations–these can all produce a throbbing jaw, sore gums and headache. Even tooth sensitivity to hot, cold and sugary foods is abnormal and must be explored.  Rather than guessing at the causes, contact New Image Dentistry for advice on how to proceed and for an urgent care appointment. A careful exam, x-rays and even visualization with a state of the art intraoral camera helps the San Antonio dentists arrive at a diagnosis and correct treatment.

Reason #2: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  It’s a familiar adage to be sure, and it especially applies to dental care. Drs. Holland and Heickel want to see patients every 6 months for a comprehensive oral exam and cleaning. Routine visits ensure all is well, remove harmful plaque and tartar, and if a problem develops, catch it early for easier and less costly intervention.

Reason #3: You are embarrassed by your smile. Time and wear and tear take their toll on smile aesthetics. At New Image Dentistry, patients avail themselves of the simplest of cosmetic treatments, such as bonding or professional teeth whitening, and even full smile makeovers. Your smile tells the world who you are. Your best San Antonio dentist can match your smile to your positive self-image in a variety of ways through an in-office cosmetic dentistry consultation.

Reason #4: Your gums bleed when you brush. Gum disease which can eventually destroy bone, loosen teeth and compromise overall health needs precise treatment. Drs. Holland and Heinkel deep clean infected gums with precise soft tissue lasers which restore smiles to vibrant health. They also teach patients correct methods of brushing and flossing, and emphasize routine cleanings, to keep smiles plaque-free and gums pink and intact.

Reason #5: Your bite is misaligned. Affecting more than how you look, crooked, gapped smiles have far-reaching health effects. Difficult to keep clean, misaligned teeth gather toxic plaque and tartar, lead to speech and nutritional problems and often are the root cause of headaches, ear pain and jaw joint dysfunction (TMJ). Children should receive orthodontic evaluations by age 7, and even older teens and adults whose oral development is complete can correct their smiles with traditional braces or Invisalign clear aligners.

Need more reasons?

It’s just common sense that oral health affects systemic well-being, and scientific research backs this up, showing links between gum disease and cardiovascular health, pregnancy complications auto-immune disorders such arthritis. So, contact New Image Dentistry today for you one on one consultation with the best dentists in San Antonio. A strong, vibrant smile and great overall health are reasons  enough to see your dentist.

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