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Why a Dental Checkup is Necessary Before the First Day of School

August 8, 2020

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a little girl smiling while a dentist and dental hygienist check and clean her teeth

This year, kids and parents both have a lot on their minds. As the start of a new school year quickly approaches, the main question is whether it is best to pursue face-to-face instruction or keep them at home for virtual learning. While a dental professional may be unable to help in that particular area, they can ensure your little one’s smile is looking and feeling its best when they begin their first day. Discover why finding a practice that offers children’s dentistry in San Antonio and keeping regular dental checkups and cleanings will set your child up for success from day one.

Minimizes Problems Throughout the School Year

When scheduling your child’s back-to-school dental cleaning, you are taking a positive step in minimizing the possibility that a serious problem will occur throughout the school year. No matter if children are prone to cavities or not, regular checkups are necessary to ensure no plaque or tartar is accumulating that could lead to tooth decay or gum disease later down the road.

Keeps Them Learning

Whether you choose to schedule your child’s dental exam at the start of summer or immediately before school starts back, you are helping to keep them in class and learning. These visits require ample time for their dentist in San Antonio to fully examine their oral cavity and clean away anything that could potentially harm their smile. When you factor in the time it takes to commute to the dental office and back, your child is missing out on crucial information needed for academic success. By scheduling during a time that is more convenient, you will keep them focused on their classwork.

Lowers the Risk of COVID-19

This concern is on the mind of every parent in the United States. With children returning to school donning face masks, it is now even more important that children maintain good oral health. Apart from making sure they’re brushing, flossing, and rinsing regularly at home, these six-month visits will keep their teeth and gums free of potential problems that could weaken their immune system and make them more susceptible to contracting COVID-19.

Ensures Proper Healing

Should your child require any necessary dental work, they will need ample time to recover at home. Scheduling their appointment before they return to school will ensure they do not miss one or more days of instruction. When kids do not have the stress of missing important schoolwork, they are more likely to heal at home swiftly and successfully.

With only weeks left before they welcome a new year, make sure you’re taking the appropriate steps to take care of your child’s oral health. Their smile, brain, and teachers will thank you for it.

About the Author
Dr. Christopher Holland earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio in 1990. With more than 25 years of experience working in the field, he and the team at New Image Dentistry are eager to help patients both young and old achieve happier, healthier smiles. When it comes to protecting your little one’s pearly whites, Dr. Holland offers children’s dentistry services that are designed to maintain, improve, and safeguard their teeth and gums from decay and disease. If your child needs to see a dentist before heading back to school, visit our website or call (210) 804-1558.

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