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5 Advantages of Improving Your Smile with Lumineers

January 26, 2023

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Male dental patient about to receive Lumineers

If you’ve been researching veneers online to see how they can help you transform your smile, you might have happened upon a potential alternative: Lumineers. In many ways, Lumineers are a very similar cosmetic option to veneers, but there are also several key differences that could make them a better choice for your specific situation. Below are 5 surprising benefits of getting Lumineers.

1. Unlike Veneers, Lumineers are Reversible

Getting veneers is considered an irreversible treatment because a thin layer of enamel is permanently removed from the teeth in question. While this is a necessary step to make room for the veneers, it’s important to note that removed enamel does not grow back. Consequently, the treated teeth will always need to be covered with veneers or crowns.

However, because Lumineers are much thinner than veneers, they can be placed without making any changes to your teeth. As such, if you ever decide that you want to have your Lumineers removed, you can easily do so.

2. Getting Lumineers is a Comfortable, Non-Invasive Process

Since enamel doesn’t have to be removed to place Lumineers, the treatment doesn’t require a dental drill. Furthermore, there’s little to no discomfort involved, so there’s no need to numb your mouth. These facts can make Lumineers an attractive option for anyone nervous about having traditional veneers placed.

3. There’s No Need for Temporary Veneers

Getting veneers often takes two appointments. The teeth are prepared during the first, and the permanent veneers are placed during the second. To protect the teeth between these appointments, you would need to wear temporary veneers. With Lumineers, there’s no need for temporary restorations because the teeth aren’t altered in any way and thus don’t require extra protection.

4. No Recovery is Required

After getting veneers, your teeth may be sensitive for a while. As a result, you may need to make some changes to your routine to avoid discomfort. But since Lumineers can be placed without removing enamel, there’s no recovery period to worry about.

5. Lumineers Often Cost Less Than Veneers

Lumineers and traditional veneers are both highly customizable cosmetic options, so the final cost can vary significantly from patient to patient. That said, in many cases, Lumineers are the cheaper option. Your dentist can give you more specific information about the price of Lumineers during your initial consultation.

Lumineers offer the same kind of dramatic improvements as traditional veneers, and they have several other benefits to consider as well. Reach out to your dentist to see if Lumineers can help you create the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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