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The Truth: Are Root Canals Painful?

April 28, 2023

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patient being treated by a dentist

For some reason, root canals have earned a reputation among patients as being an abnormally scary dental procedure. They’re portrayed in pop culture as being exceedingly painful, and the dentists who perform them have earned a reputation as sadists who are careless toward their patients.

Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth! Dentists care deeply about the comfort of their patients, and that compassion extends to root canal therapy. It’s time to put the rumors to rest—here’s the truth about whether root canals are painful or not.

Are Root Canals Painful?

Despite the perception of many people, root canal treatments are completely painless! Dental anesthetics are remarkably powerful, and any dentist will plan to numb your mouth completely before beginning a procedure like this.

There were eras of dentistry where anesthetics were not as powerful, and this may be where root canals’ reputation for discomfort comes from. However, nowadays you won’t have to worry at all about pain during the procedure.

What Goes Into a Root Canal?

While we’re clearing things up about this treatment, it may be worth talking a little bit about what a root canal actually entails. Root canals are used to treat pulpitis, which is an infection that has reached deep inside the tooth.

Usually, your dentist will begin by clearing up any areas of decay, and then make a small hole to reach inside the tooth. Then they will remove the infected tissue, and refill the tooth with an inert resin that can give it stability. They’ll finish the procedure with a dental crown, restoring your tooth to perfection!

Why are Root Canals Necessary?

Usually when dealing with a tooth that has become infected to this extent, root canals are the last thing a dentist can do for you. If the infection were to advance any further, the tooth would likely die and need to be extracted. This means not only missing a tooth, but weeks of aftercare where you’ll have to care for the extraction wound.

With that in mind, root canals are actually a good thing! They’re a way for a dentist to save your tooth, painlessly and with as little aftercare as possible. You might not have guessed it, but a root canal is something worth being thankful for.

About Our Practice

At New Image Dentistry, we have earned multiple awards over our 25 years of dentistry, and while we appreciate the recognition, nothing means more than the look on our patients’ faces when we give them the smiles that they’ve always dreamed of. Not only do we offer our patients the latest in oral medicine, but we give it to them in an environment that will make them completely comfortable.

If you have any questions about root canals, we can be reached at our website or by phone at (210) 804-1558.

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