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Removable Dentures & Partial Dentures to Perfect San Antonio Smiles

Do you have a full set of teeth or would you describe your smile as incomplete? If you fall into the second category, there’s hope to restore your smile with a removable denture or partial. With today’s advanced dental technology, dentures and partials are more lifelike and comfortable than ever before.

A partial denture, commonly referred to as just a partial, features multiple teeth on a gum-colored base. In most cases, the replacement teeth are spread across the base to fit around your existing teeth like a puzzle piece. Partials are held in place by clips, and can be easily removed. A full denture, meanwhile, features a full row of replacement teeth, also on a gum-colored base, and may be held in place with either a special adhesive or natural suction.

Digital Dentures

Digital imaging and computer aided design/manufacture (CAD/CAM) technologies have allowed our dental practice to provide innovative, comfortable care for patients, and the digital denture process is no different. We used 3D imaging and CAD digital impressions to quickly and precisely design dentures in our office saving patients time and money and offering a superior fit. Our trusted dental lab is able to craft comfortably fitting denture that fits better and lasts longer with these advanced scans and impressions.

Immediate Dentures

In most cases, we are able to offer immediate dentures. These removable dental restorations are crafted in advance and placed on the same day dental preparation is completed. This process may require up to 5 appointments to allow our team to plan and design partial and full dentures prior to final dental preparations. Once the custom denture is complete, we remove any teeth as necessary and otherwise prepare smiles before placing the denture on the same day.

Our practice also offers implant-supported dentures and partials, for qualified patients. If you’d like to know whether this alternative option is right for you, our team would be happy to assess your smile and make a recommendation.

Don’t let missing teeth result in low self-confidence or poor oral health. Call our San Antonio, TX dental practice to schedule a denture consultation with Dr. Holland.