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Emergency Dentistry in San Antonio

If you’ve ever had to deal with any kind of emergency, then you know how unsettling the experience can be. You may be frightened and your mind may be racing. Fortunately, there are hospital emergency rooms to help. But when you have a dental emergency, you need to have a reliable emergency dentist in San Antonio on call. At New Image Dentistry, our dental team is ready to help 24/7. Call our office at (210) 804-1558 and a member of our staff will be able to offer you advice on how best to immediately handle your emergency. If need be, we can schedule a same-day appointment. After hours calls will reach our answering service and you’ll be given instructions on what to do.

Do I Have a Dental Emergency?

Sometimes, there’s no doubt about whether or not you have a dental emergency on your hands. Other times, you may not be as certain. Please don’t “wait and see” what happens. Our dentists and their team would much rather see you or a loved one for a non-emergency than miss an actual dental emergency. All you have to do is contact New Image Dentistry and describe your situation. We’ll take it from there.

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Different situations call for different responses. Here are some of the more common dental emergencies and ideas of what you can do until you are seen by the emergency dentist in San Antonio.

Toothache. Tooth pain happens for a variety of reasons. Some are more serious than others. An infected tooth, for example, requires emergency treatment with a root canal. In other cases, you may feel a sharp pain when you eat or drink something that is hot, color, sweet or acidic. This can be an indication of a cavity, a crack in your tooth or worn enamel that causes tooth sensitivity. Call our office to schedule an appointment.

A Knocked Out Tooth. No doubt about it—a tooth that is knocked out or avulsed is an unquestionable dental emergency. If you have the tooth, handle it by the crown only and avoid touching the root. Clean the tooth in water and try to replace it in the open socket. If too much bleeding or pain prohibits this, then store the tooth in a small container (a plastic baggie works well) filled with milk or a mild saline solution. One of the dentists here may be able to reattach the tooth if you are seen shortly after your accident.

A Broken Tooth. Whether or not this is a dental emergency depends on where the tooth is broken. A deep fracture may require root canal therapy. Until then, rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to reduce the pain and swelling.

The Cost of Treating Dental Emergencies

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The treatment that your dental emergency needs may vary based on the severity of your situation. Therefore, there is no fixed cost of treating dental emergencies. A mild oral infection may only require a prescription of antibiotics, while a severely broken or knocked-out tooth may necessitate a replacement, which comes with a significantly higher price tag. Regardless, the best way to determine how much you’ll end up paying is to come in for an appointment. The last thing you should do is avoid treatment and allow your emergency to worsen!

Learn More About the Cost of Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dentistry in San Antonio

New Image is proud to provide emergency dentistry in San Antonio. Call our office immediately for prompt and compassionate dental care when you need it most.