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Periodontal Therapy for San Antonio

Believe it or not, about 50% of the general public has some significant, undetected level of chronic gum disease. That's why Dr. Holland and his team take plenty of time during every one of your check-ups to evaluate the status of each gum pocket, meticulously charting any suspicious changes and treating problems while they're still small.

If we detect any problems during your checkup and cleaning visit, we can address them with conservative periodontal therapy. This may take the form of a deep cleaning with one of our hygienists, a gentle scaling and root planing treatment, or antibiotic therapy for total eradication of bacteria in the gum pockets.

Our gum care services include:

Has it been awhile since your last periodontal exam or routine checkup? Call New Image Dentistry in San Antonio, TX to schedule a visit with Dr. Holland. We’re dedicated to providing thorough and timely treatment for gum disease.