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Single Tooth Dental Implants – San Antonio, TX

the Gap
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For years, New Image Dentistry has been helping patients rebuild their smiles from the ground up. If you want the most advanced and comprehensive solution for replacing teeth, look no further. Dental implants covered with porcelain restorations offer not only the best esthetic benefits, but optimal function as well. While it may not seem like missing a single tooth matters that much, it has the potential to change the way you eat, speak and perform several day-to-day tasks. Learn more about smile restoration with single tooth dental implants in San Antonio, TX, during a tooth replacement consultation at New Image Dentistry.

Why Choose New Image Dentistry for Single Tooth Dental Implants?

  • Entire Implant Procedure
    Completed Under 1 Roof
  • On-Staff Periodontist
    for Implant Placement
  • State-of-the-Art Dental Office with
    Top-of-the-Line Technology

The Common Options for Tooth Replacement

Woman eating a green apple after dental implant supported dental crown restoration

When replacing single teeth, you generally have two options to consider. The first is a dental bridge, which consist of a series of crowns that are fused together in order to close the gap in your smile. In order for the bridge to remain secure, existing teeth need to be slightly modified. This allows them to act as foundations for your permanent restoration. It also means that they are relying on the tooth root to hold it in place.

This is in stark contrast to dental implants, which involves surgically placing a titanium implant post into the jaw. Once the implant has fully integrated with the jawbone and gum tissue, a permanent restoration covers the top.

What Are Single Tooth Dental Implants?

Animated single tooth dental implant restoration

With single tooth dental implants, we essentially provide a dedicated implant post to replace your tooth’s root. Remember, once a tooth is extracted, the root comes out with it. Dental implants work to replace that root and ensure proper health of your jawbone tissue as well as your mouth overall. Once the implant is placed, the crown on top fills the gap and makes your smile look natural.

Treatment via dental implants takes several months to complete and starts with multiple appointments dedicated to planning. While this means completing exams and X-rays of your mouth, it also means confirming if we need to perform tooth extractions, bone grafts, or gum disease therapy before the treatment can begin. Once the implant has fully fused with your jaw, we can place your fully customized crown.

The Benefits of Single Tooth Dental Implants

Animated dental implant supported dental crown

There are many reasons to consider dental implants when replacing teeth. For example, they can:

  • Last for many decades - The average lifespan of a maintained dental implant is about 30 years.
  • Look incredibly natural – Fusion with existing bone and soft tissue makes an implant look indistinguishable from natural teeth.
  • Make eating and oral care easy – There’s no need to remove your restoration or change your diet once you have a dental implant.