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Our Advanced Dental Technology

We view technology as a tool—it helps us run our practice more efficiently, and it allows us to visualize, analyze, and treat things we couldn't previously see. Using digital radiography reveals nearly everything we need to know about the inside structures of your teeth and gums, and provides us with a nearly immediate image. We also use an intraoral camera that 'tours' your mouth, showing both you and our team every little nook and cranny of tooth structure, including the earliest stages of fractures, cracks, chips, and other problems.

Our soft tissue laser provides us with the ability to offer a better patient experience, from greater comfort during procedures to better healing times after treatment is completed. For our patients' optimal health and safety, we provide distilled water with an antibacterial solution instead of using water from the tap.

Just ask us for more information about our 'tech investments' when you come in for a visit!

Digital Impressions with iTero

One of the most effective advanced dental technologies we utilize is the iTero digital impression and restoration design system. Traditionally, physical impressions were taken of prepared teeth. These impressions were then sent to our lab where a restorative solution was crafted. iTero allows our team to capture precise impressions of patients’ teeth digitally. We can then design the necessary restoration using the iTero system allowing our trusted dental lab to provide the highest quality restorations possible.

Our Patient Comforts

We believe the human touch makes a significant difference to our patients. That's why our San Antonio dental office does everything possible to make your visit comfortable and memorable. Our patients are special to us, and that’s why we will do whatever it takes to provide a pleasant, tranquil experience. Here are a few small touches we provide that make a big difference: